Angon’s canyon feeds Lake Annecywith fresh water and, is known as one of the most beautiful place for canyoning in Haute-Savoie.

It starts above Talloires and finishes in Angon’s village.

But what is a canyoning descent?

It consists to go down the river by foot, walking on the rocks, swiming in natural fresh water, jumping and sliding on beautiful natural rock slides.During the descent, the guide who accompanies you will help you and will teach you to manage the obstacles either by rappelling on rope, jump or slides.

Down the canyon of Angon is a great way to cool down during the summer season.

We will make you discover an original physical activity in a splendid natural environment.

Depending on your level, we offer two courses: the discovery version which lasts 1h30 or the development version which lasts 2h30.

The improvement version of Angon’s Canyon starts by a great rappelling of 35 meters since Angon’s cascade. This course is reserve to people who have already done canyoning or at least rappelling because it should not bescared by the height of be afraid of emptiness.

You will find us at our base of canyoning which is located in the village of Angon at the edge of lake Annecy. Before going to the canyon, you will meet your guide who will give you all the canyoning equipment: wetsuit, socks, helmet, harness …

You will be guided by a canyoning instructor who knows the canyon like the back of his hand. You will follow his steps and his advice to go down the canyon safely and make you happy.

How is the descent of Angon Canyon Discovery?

The access from the canyon is on foot from our canyoning base… By a small hike (count between 15 and 20 minutes), we arrive at the starting point of this course which according to the conditions can start by the slide of the mailbox.

This slide, if it is feasible reserves you full of thrills! Imagine a hole of one meter wide where the water rushes, you pass your legs first and you let slip.

Subsequently, we arrive on a beautiful basin where we can either a toboggan or a jump. A little further, the guide will place the rope to do a 10-meter water slide rappelling in a waterfall.

A little further, after another small slide, here is the second reminder of 18 meters which falls next to a waterfall. This reminder comes down flat on the wall sitting in the shoulder belt …

It remains a last abseiling of 10 meters, which is generally well watered !!!

The last part counts some jumps or toboggans, according to your desires you will be able to jump or let slip in the basins.

How is the descent of the Improvement Angon Canyon descent?

With your guide, you will reach the upper part of Angon Canyon by car or by walking if you are sporty. By a path carved in the cliff, you will arrive in the heart of the canyon at the great waterfall of the Angon’s Canyon.


Your guide will set up the rope to abseil and give you all the instructions to get there …

The first abseil is the most impressive! It is 35 meters high and goes down into the waterfall to end in a huge bowl.

After this first asbeil, the canyon goes on with another great spider-wire rappel under a huge rock jammed in the gorge of the canyon.

After a few walking portions interspersed with small jumps and slides, we make the short asbeil that leads us to the start of the discovery descent. There is still a little over an hour of descent.

Angon's Canyon

Monté Médio - Canyoning Base