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Why organize your bachelor party in Annecy between lake and mountains?

Are you about to celebrate a bachelor party in Annecy?

Annecy is the ideal city for planning a bachelor party : nestled by a sumptuous lake with turquoise blue waters in which the first summits of the Alps reflect.

It's the super cool place to come and escape with friends, abundant nature, a lively city center with its bars where it will be good to relax sipping a few cocktails or to eat in one of the nice establishments on the edge of the lake.

Be sure to find original and fun activities to do with friends and have an unforgettable experience with a bachelor party worthy of the name. The future groom will only have to behave well!

Our bachelor party packages

Canyoning Annecy Boîte aux Lettres Angon “Mailbox”

Level : Accessible

To discover the Canyoning Annecy it is the ideal formula, a descent in the low part of the Angon canyon that includes all that the canyoning can offer you: jumps, slides, abseils, short parts of walking and a little of swimming!

  • Duration : 1h30
  • People : 4 - 10 pers
  • Hours : 9am or 2pm
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57€ / pers

Canyoning Annnecy Angon Canyon Improvement

Level : Technical

Enter the canyon of Angon by abseiling 35 meters! The rest of the descent is a superb succession of walking, swimming, slides, jumps and abseiling.

  • Duration : 2h30
  • People : 2 to 8 pers
  • Hours : 8:30am or 1:30pm
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69€ / pers

Canyoning Annecy Montmin Canyon Sporty

Level : Sporty

If you are sporty and if you want thrills, choose the Montmin canyon. It is a long and beautiful canyon with many jumps and slides: the most playful and aquatic descent of Canyoning Annecy.

  • Duration : 2h30
  • People : 4 - 8 pers
  • Hours : 8:30am or 1:30pm
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69€ / pers

Private rock climbing course Annecy

Level : Accessible

Learn to climb on the annecy cliff with a climbing instructor. To take advantage of personalized advice from an instructor, take a private lesson on one of the Annecy climbing walls.

  • Duration : 2h 3h 4h
  • People : 1 - 8 pers
  • Hours : 9:00am or 2:00pm
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From 120€ / pers

The Annecy zip line path

Level : Accessible

A course of zip lines in the mountains of Lake Annecy. Take a short hike to the mountain pastures of the Col de l'Aulp and descend by a course of zip lines.1000 meters in total divided into 5 sections.

  • Duration : 1h30
  • People : pers
  • Hours :
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30€ / pers

Discover all our activities for your bachelor party in Annecy


How to organize your bachelor party in Annecy?

How to succeed in your bachelor party?

To guarantee a successful bachelor party, we recommend that you first assign the role of the organizer to the best friend of the future groom. Often it will be the witness or his brother or any other person close to the latter. Start by thinking carefully about the guest list. And yes knowing who are the real buddies of the future groom is essential. Don't necessarily aim for quantity, but quality. This is what makes the experience as incredible as possible. Obviously, invitations should be made well in advance and a consistent budget for everyone. Organize the event on a date that fits for as many buddies as possible. On the big day, keep the positive vibration well! It is advisable to organize your bachelor party about 1 month before the date of the wedding. The interested party can then recover from all their emotions and be in great shape for the famous D-Day! Try to choose your activities well according to the tastes of the VIP of the day (the groom, of course) and adapt your programming according to the number of participants. Some will opt for sporting activities that will bring a good dose of emotion, while others will favor meetings in the heart of the nightlife by going out to bars, in order to party. By organizing your bachelor party in Annecy, you can easily combine the 2.

What are the best activities to do during a bachelor party in Annecy?

What activities to practice in the great outdoors? In Annecy, the possibilities are numerous. At your leisure, opt for a canyoning, via ferrata, zip line, speleology, climbing, paragliding ... or even a nautical activity! Let yourself be tempted by the experience of wakeboarding, stand up paddle or why not a rafting descent! An aperoboat cruise can also be organized for a moment of relaxation and discovery of the most beautiful landscapes of Lake Annecy. Grâce aux packs multi activités que nous vous proposons, vous trouverez forcément l’idée originale qui surprendra chaque participant. L’objectif est uniquement que le futur marié puisse enterrer sa vie de célibat de façon insolite et inoubliable. Durant cette journée incroyable, privilégier les frissons, l’adrénaline et les fous rires. La seule chose que vous ayez à faire est de prendre connaissance de nos conseils de pro, et de faire la fête pour cette journée inoubliable.

When is the best time of the year to orchestrate a bachelor party in Annecy?

The pre-summer season is surely the best! From May, you can do most of the activities and enjoy Lake Annecy. The rest of the year, the choice in terms of outdoor sports is a little more limited but we will always manage to offer you some great adventures.

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