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The climbing instructors Monté Médio suggest you discovering the rock climbing on the cliffs of the Lake Annecy.

You begin rock climbing?

Our climbing lessons on the site of Angon allow you to learn quietly the fundamental of climbing in cliff.

You wish to perfect your skills?

Our instructors can coach you during private or collective lesson in cliff.

Annecy climbing courses for teens :

During the summer holidays, teenagers will climb for 3 days on the most beautiful cliffs around Annecy. We also offer them multi activity courses over 3 or 5 days.

And for children from 6 to 10 years old?

For the youngest, in july and august, we organize courses over two days on the cliff.

And during the other hollidays?

During Autumn, Christmas, February and Spring holidays, the teenagers and children courses take place over two or three half-days indoors or on the cliff if the weather permits.


Are you looking for a climbing course (for adults)?

To become independent in climbing on natural site, we offer, on weekends of 2 or 3 days, training that will allow you to discover climbing on the beautiful cliffs of the Annecy region. While learning the basics of the techniques safety and belaying measures specific to climbing in a natural environment.

We also offer courses for people who want to learn to climb multi-pitch routes.

Multi-picth route with a view of the Annecy Lake?

Among the big walls which overhang the Annecy Lake, we have beautiful routes to make you discover…

Our rock climbing lessons


Go serene : good instructors


Climbing lessons to start on the cliff


Climbing courses for children and multi activities for teens

Go on a multi pitch route route with a climbing instructor

Cliff climbing courses for adults

Our other activities

Would you like more information?

    FAQ Rock climbing Annecy

    Where are the climbing sites?

    The cliffs on which we take you climbing are in the vicinity of Annecy. You will meet at the cliff car park where you will climb. The beginner courses take place on the cliff of Angon near Talloires (about 30 minutes from Annecy) Chemin de la Closette, 74290 Talloires. During the children's courses, the instructor chooses the sites or the climbing rooms, varying each day, depending on the weather conditions and the level of the trainees (Brison, Semnoz, Angon, La Cullaz, etc.). As part of the children's and teens' courses, the meeting is in Annecy le Vieux, meeting at 9:00 am opposite the Brasserie d'Albigny 15 rue centrale 74940 Annecy le Vieux. Return to the same place at 5:00 p.m. The multi-pitch routes are located on the sites and mountains around Annecy, Grandes Suites or Mont Baron.

    What do we need?

    To come for climbing you must provide a sports outfit, a pair of sneakers or hiking shoes (because you often have to access the cliffs by a trail), a backpack to carry your stuff, water and enough to nibble (picnic if you do a day course). Remember to take sunscreen and sunglasses. If you have your equipment, take it otherwise we will provide it : harness, helmet, carabiners, belay system, climbing shoes, rope. If you have long hair, think about attaching them and if you wear glasses plan a cord so you do not lose them.

    When can we go climbing in the Annecy area?

    In the Annecy region, the best season for outdoor climbing is from April to the end of October. But you can also climb outside in winter if the weather is nice, so you have to choose a cliff exposed to the sun. Climbing classes can also be held in the indoor climbing wall all year long if the weather is not good.