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Why organize your bachelorette party in Annecy between lake and mountain?

Organize your bachelorette party in Annecy and live an exceptional moment in an authentic city nestled by a sumptuous lake with turquoise blue water.

On the program: many sports activities to practice outdoors in a breathtaking setting, for simply unforgettable moments.

Looking for thrills or cooler moments by the lake? You will inevitably find many original ideas that will surprise the future bride. Live the adventure to the fullest in canyoning, via ferrata or standup paddle, then enjoy a trip with the girls in the city center where it will be good to taste the regional Savoyard dishes while enjoying a moment of swimming by the lake, more user-friendly than ever.

Thanks to you, the future bride will remember her bachelorette party all her life!

Our bachelorette party packages

Canyoning Annecy Boîte aux Lettres Angon “Mailbox”

Level : Accessible

To discover the Canyoning Annecy it is the ideal formula, a descent in the low part of the Angon canyon that includes all that the canyoning can offer you: jumps, slides, abseils, short parts of walking and a little of swimming!

  • Duration : 1h30
  • People : 4 - 10 pers
  • Hours : 9am or 2pm
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57€ / pers

Canyoning Annnecy Angon Canyon Improvement

Level : Technical

Enter the canyon of Angon by abseiling 35 meters! The rest of the descent is a superb succession of walking, swimming, slides, jumps and abseiling.

  • Duration : 2h30
  • People : 2 to 8 pers
  • Hours : 8:30am or 1:30pm
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69€ / pers

Canyoning Annecy Montmin Canyon Sporty

Level : Sporty

If you are sporty and if you want thrills, choose the Montmin canyon. It is a long and beautiful canyon with many jumps and slides: the most playful and aquatic descent of Canyoning Annecy.

  • Duration : 2h30
  • People : 4 - 8 pers
  • Hours : 8:30am or 1:30pm
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69€ / pers

Private rock climbing course Annecy

Level : Accessible

Learn to climb on the annecy cliff with a climbing instructor. To take advantage of personalized advice from an instructor, take a private lesson on one of the Annecy climbing walls.

  • Duration : 2h 3h 4h
  • People : 1 - 8 pers
  • Hours : 9:00am or 2:00pm
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From 120€ / pers

The Annecy zip line path

Level : Accessible

A course of zip lines in the mountains of Lake Annecy. Take a short hike to the mountain pastures of the Col de l'Aulp and descend by a course of zip lines.1000 meters in total divided into 5 sections.

  • Duration : 1h30
  • People : pers
  • Hours :
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30€ / pers

Discover all our activities for your bachelorette party in Annecy

Our tips for organizing your bachelor party in Annecy

How to succeed in your bachelor party?

Who is in charge of organizing the EVJF of your girlfriend who is getting married next summer? The best friend ? Sister ? It is essential to designate the "witness to the bachelor party". As a true organizer, her mission will be to take charge of the preparation of the event. When to send the invitations? Don't wait any longer and start by planning the number of participants in this fantastic day. When to organize the event? In general, it is advisable to schedule this day between 1 month and 1 week before the wedding. This will give the future bride time to recover from all her emotions before the fateful day.

What are the best activities for an EVJF in Annecy?

Obviously, those which will correspond most to the tastes of the interested party! As the true queen of the day, you can only spoil the future bride for a unique moment that she will remember for a lifetime. Make her bachelor party bachelorette party a fun, friendly, original moment, made of laughs and chills, during which your only concern will be to have fun, get your fill of adrenaline and party with girls. In Annecy, the possibilities for activities are numerous. At your leisure, opt for one of the multi activity packs offered which will allow you to enjoy a canyoning, via ferrata, zip line, speleology, climbing, paragliding ... Or even a sliding activity? Try, for example, the experience of wakesurf, stand up paddle or why not rafting! An aperoboat cruise can also be organized to enjoy a unique moment of relaxation and discovery on Lake Annecy, all this around an aperitif while enjoying delicious cocktails with friends.

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