Monté Médio
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Lake Annecy is a wonderful place to discover with your family. Parents and children enjoy a magnificent environment here where outdoor activities are as numerous as they are original: from simple hiking, to cycling around the lake, to mountain activities such as climbing, via ferrata or canyoning.

Your questions about family activities in Annecy

What activity can we do with children from 5 years old?

From 5 years old, children can already go rock climbing! This can be done in lessons or internships with other children but also with the family. At 5 years old, one can also already go on short hikes.

From 6 years old?

Children from 6 years old can go on a paragliding flight or a caving excursion.

From 10 years old?

At 10, it is the right age to discover canyoning on the route of the Angon mailbox and the path of the zip lines.

From 12 years old?

This is the right time to do Via Tyro, a route of via ferrata and zip lines.

From 14 years old?

We can go for more sporty or more technical canyoning courses like that of Montmin or the improvement of Angon.

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