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Searching for high-speed sensations? Choose one of the following : raft, canoe-raft or hydro-speed and dive into the tumultuous white waters of the Haute Isère river.

Rafting :

The 18km full descent of Haute-Isère is one of the longest in France. The Haute-Isère river or the Isère in its upper part offers rafting descents of all levels on the most famous river in the Alps. For children or the less adventurous, you will set off on the junior course. A little shorter and more accessible.

Canoë-raft :

Another way to descend Haute Isère is by canoe-raft: an inflatable boat that can be operated by two, the sensations are then totally different than in rafting.

Hydro-speed :

With a hydrospeed which serves as a float and which protects you from obstacles, and fitted with fins, you will slide in the current trying to control your trajectory. It’s a very nice feeling.



Sail on one of the most beautiful rivers in the Alps


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A course for children from 8 years old

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    FAQ Rafting Annecy

    Where is the rafting base?

    The base is located in Bourg-Saint-Maurice by the river. At the starting point of the descent. For rafting descents organized on the Haute-Isère, the meeting point is fixed at the white water base of Bourg-Saint-Maurice, at the chalet "Coureurs de Rivières". It is a pleasant place where you can plan a picnic before or after your activity. Meetings are given either at 9 a.m. for morning descents or 2 p.m. for afternoon outings. It is important to respect these times because the departures are set according to the releases of water.

    Material and equipment for rafting?

    For rafting activities as for all whitewater activities, specific equipment is essential. For your rafting, canoe-rafting and whitewater swimming descents, you simply need to bring a swimsuit, a towel, and enough to fix your glasses if you wear them. In spring, you can keep a thermolactyl type top under the suit. Equipment provided Rafting The raft is an inflatable boat that can accommodate 4 to 8 people. He heads for the paddle, as a team. To practice this activity, a complete equipment of rivers is provided to you, with neoprene suit, high-buoyancy vest, paddle, helmet, boots. Canoe-raft If you want to lead your boat alone (or in tandem), you will rather choose the canoe-raft, inflatable and light which is more like kayaking while being stable and maneuverable. Aside from the different boat, the equipment you need for canoeing is the same as for rafting. Whitewater swimming For whitewater swimming, more specific technical equipment will be made available to you: float (hydrospeed), slippers, fins, helmet, neoprene wetsuit with reinforcements, high-buoyancy vest.

    Rafting safety?

    For your whitewater activity, your safety is our priority Rafting, canoe-rafting and whitewater swimming, instructions and advice before boarding. When we welcome you at the base of Bourg-Saint-Maurice, your guide is presented to you. It gives you some instructions on safety and the basics of navigation before departure. His instructions and advice will help you progress with optimal security. Rafting, canoe-rafting and whitewater swimming activities are supervised by state-certified river guides. Conditions: It is essential to be in good physical shape, to know how to swim and immerse yourself, and to respect the ages indicated to practice these sports.

    When can we raft?

    The Rafting season starts in May and ends at the end of September.