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Dare to adventure as a team!

Our team, a specialist in mountain sports in the Annecy basin for more than 20 years, has built up solid experience in the organization and supervision of sports outings and team building. With our wide choice of activities taking place in the heart of nature in a dream setting, your team will be able to live a unique sporting adventure outside of their usual work context.

By organizing your business seminar in Annecy, you offer your employees the opportunity to get to know each other better, share a cool and friendly moment together, which helps to strengthen the team spirit and thus promote the well-being and motivation of your colleagues. Come and enjoy a stress-free day and offer your employees a day of sports and adventure as a team, the team will leave with more cohesion than ever.

With our canyoning base located on the shore of Lake Annecy, a private Via Ferrata and our network of hoteliers and restaurateurs, come and spend an unforgettable moment in Haute Savoie, an ideal place to organize incentive seminars worthy of the name.

Business seminar: Choose the sporting activity that suits you

It is said that Annecy has become the European capital of outdoor sports… Indeed, the topography and the beauty of the places push the Annéciens to go and do sports in the middle of nature: a lake with blue lagoon waters with water at 25 degrees in summer , magnificent mountains which peak at 2500 meters above sea level and in winter ski resorts nearby.

By organizing your seminar in Annecy, you will have the opportunity to enhance it with very beautiful activities supervised by our team.


FAQ Need help organizing your corporate event in Annecy?

How to organize a good business seminar?

Start by clearly defining the objectives of your team building and think about your exit theme. Taking your team to the mountains or to Annecy can be an excellent choice. Depending on the nature of your event, the programming should be adapted. Once you have defined your objectives and the theme to bring all your colleagues together, you will be able to start organizing your seminar. Plan an easy date for as many people as possible to participate, avoid holidays when your employees prefer to be with family and prioritize a working day when possible for your company. Employees will have the double feeling of profit since they will not be at their work station carrying out their usual tasks that day. On the day of the seminar, focus on real cool and relaxing moments. The main purpose of your business seminar is to ensure that all of your employees can develop professionally and personally on a daily basis. It is therefore essential to offer them friendly activities, a good restaurant service (an aperitif dinner in the form of a high-quality buffet, a gourmet lunch in an establishment enjoying a breathtaking view of the Savoyard landscape, etc.), as well as 'a good evening under the sign of exchange and sharing.

When is the best time to organize your corporate event in Annecy?

What are the activities to be carried out in summer? Fill up on adrenaline while indulging in canyoning, speleology, paddle, via ferrata, ziplining, paragliding ... On land, on water or in the air, discover how to get your teams off the ground by outdoors with a professional team! What to do during the winter? Thanks to the mountains surrounding the Annecy basin, our team will also make you discover many activities through our most beautiful ski resorts. Choose from snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, or ice climbing. Nothing like a multi-activity day to strengthen team cohesion. Organize your seminar on request, it is possible with Monté Médio. Our packages and formulas are completely flexible and will meet all your requirements.

Do you need additional services to organize your seminar?

For any request, do not hesitate to contact our Monté Médio teams. We will be happy to provide you with the help you need in organizing a professional (seminar) event. At Monté Médio, we benefit from a large network of service providers and can therefore respond to all situations. So, no matter the size of your business or your budget, we will always be able to offer you a program of (sporting) and fun activities taking place in an exceptional setting, through our different sport and adventure formulas. Compose, thanks to our support, your event project in a unique place where change of scenery, thrills and relaxation will be there to motivate and reward your entire team. Organize your seminar on request, it is possible with Monté Médio. Our packages and formulas are completely flexible and will meet all your requirements.

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