Combine the practice of Yoga with Rock Climbing in Annecy : two complementary activities that we invite you to discover in the open air around the lake and in the mountains!

We offer discovery days open to all. Ideal to learn Yoga and rock climbing.

And if you want to enjoy a little more, we organize courses over three days.

Yoga & Rock Climbing by Monté Médio

Combine the benefits of Yoga and Rock Climbing during a day, a weekend or a multi-day course…

Canyoning Annecy Angon Monté Médio


A beautiful day of sharing and family discovery at a sweet price!

A fun and adapted yoga class to start the day

A beach break, picnic, relax …

An introduction to climbing on the cliff of Angon

Price for 1 parent and 1 child : 100 euros, or 50 € / pers

Price for 1 parent and 2 children : 142,5 euros, or 47,5 € / pers

Price for 2 parents and 1 child : 142,5 euros, or 47,5 € / pers

Price for 2 parents and 2 children : 180 euros, 45 € / pers

Price for 1 parents and 3 children : 180 euros, 45 € / pers

Canyoning Annecy Montmin Monté Médio


A morning or late afternoon yoga class to relax

An introduction to rock climbing on the cliff of Angon

Price in group lesson : 60 euros per person
Canyoning Annecy Angon Monté Médio



3 days combining Rock Climbing and Yoga

For children from 5 years old and teenagers

Two disciplines with multiple benefits for the body and spirit of your children!

Each day begins with a yoga class and then continues with the discovery of climbing on natural sites around Annecy

Two activities with multiple benefits for the body and spirit of your children!

Monté Médio, climbing specialist around Annecy and Sophie Bernaille, Yoga teacher, organize a three – day course combining Rock Climbing and Yoga, for children from 5 years old and teenagers.

This course offers the children to start each day with a fun and adapted yoga session then to go on a discovery of the climbing on the natural sites around Annecy.

The climbing site is chosen according to the conditions and the level of the group: Semnoz, Angon, Grand Bornand, Saint Innocent Brison – Bay of Grésine, Cessens…

The children will be well supervised, they will be between 4 to 8 per instructor. This course is aimed at both beginners and children already experienced in one or other of the activities.

The program :

Every morning, you will have an appointment with Sophie at 9:00 for the yoga class in Annecy.

After the yoga class, the climbing instructor brings the youth with his minibus to the climbing site chosen according to the level of the group.

Arrival at the cliff, it will be time to have a picnic and climb all afternoon.

Meet at 17:00 to return to the car park opposite the Football Stadium Annecy 25 Boulevard du Fier 74000 ANNECY

In case of bad weather, the organization is slightly modified : the appointment of the morning is released at 10:30 instead of 9:00. Instead of doing Yoga and Climbing outdoors, classes will take place indoors.

The price includes supervision by professional instructors, loan of equipment (harness, helmets, climbing shoes, yoga mats) and entrances to the climbing and yoga rooms (in case it is not possible would not be nice).

Provide: sneakers, sportswear (more or less hot depending on the season), a pretty big backpack, a picnic, sunscreen and water.

The course is validated from 4 participants.

Canyoning Annecy Montmin Monté Médio



Two to five days around Annecy to practice Yoga and climbing with our instructors

To begin or perfect you in both practices

Take full advantage of the complementary nature of these two activities

Practice Yoga and climbing with our instructors around Annecy

Enjoy the benefits and the complementarity of these 2 activities in privileged places around Annecy in a friendly atmosphere!

3-day course combining Yoga and Cliff Climbing to start or progress in one or the other practice.

The course takes place on different sites each day with a Yoga session from 1h to 1h30 outside before or after the climbing session. This will be defined from day to day depending on weather conditions and group level.

From 4 to 8 people per monitor.

Why a Yoga-Climbing Course?

YOGA: On a physical level, yoga will strengthen and soften your body & your mind. You will be more attentive, you will more easily accept your limits. We will discuss the basics of yoga philosophy, the sequence of postures (asanas) and pranayamas (breathing exercises). We will see how to apply the benefits of yoga in cliffs to climb in consciousness and have fun.

CLIMBING: Climbing is not just in your arms, as many people think! This sport allows you to develop your motor skills, coordination, flexibility, concentration, listening to your body. We will tackle the technique (laying of feet, grips), the management of the effort (latency, rhythm), the techniques of belaying to become autonomous in cliff, the fear of the fall and the surpassing of oneself (fighting spirit).

For who?

An internship for all

This course is for everyone: Beginners in climbing or yoga can discover these activities with confidence, supervised by qualified instructors. More experienced participants in one or other of the activities will be able to deepen their practice and refine their technique.

Pre-required climbing : none

Prerequired yoga : none

In case of bad weather, we turn the climbing day into a cliff half-day climbing room (entry to the room included in the price) and the Yoga session is also in the room.

Meeting point: it will depend on the site chosen by your monitor according to your level. We will give you this information in due course.

Specific equipment is provided: harness, helmet, rope, belay and climbing shoes, yoga mats.

The rate does not include travel to practice locations. The accommodation is also your responsibility: trust our partners (list available on our dedicated page).

Provide: sneakers, sportswear, a backpack with a picnic and water.

5 days : 400 euros

3 days : 255 euros


Monté Médio Canyoning – Amazing

Stunning setting. Got to see parts of the Talloires mountains you’d never usually see and had fun doing so! Our guide, Romain, was excellent. Very reassuring and full of laughs. Excellent English as well.

We had a great time and would fully recommend it.


Amazing experience

This was the highlight of our stay in Annecy. So much fun, although challenging at times (esp if you ahve a fear of heights as I do!), it was a great adventure and I would definitely recommend it to anyone. Fantastic value for money. Thanks to our guide Romain for being so patient and explaining everything in English as well as French!



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Why combine Yoga and climbing?

Yoga and climbing are two complementary disciplines. They demand and bring many physical and mental qualities: concentration, control of emotions, self-confidence, balance, flexibility, strength…

By combining these two activities, it allows to develop many abilities common to climbing and yoga.

What do we need?

To come for climbing, you must provide a sports outfit, a pair of sneakers or hiking shoes (because you often have to access the cliffs by a path), a backpack to carry your stuff, water and what to nibble (picnic if you do a day course).

Remember to take sunscreen and sunglasses.

If you have your climbing equipment, take it otherwise we will provide it: harness, helmet, carabiners, belay system, climbing shoes, rope.

To come to yoga, you will need a sports outfit (tights or leggings). If you already practice yoga do not hesitate to take your carpet, otherwise we will provide it.

Remember to tie your hair and take a bottle of water.

When can we do Yoga & Rock Climbing in the Annecy area?

In the Annecy region, the best season for outdoor Yoga Climbing goes from April to the end of October. But it can also be done in winter if the weather is nice, then you have to choose a cliff and a place to do yoga that are exposed to the sun. Climbing and Yoga classes can also be held in the climbing gym all year long if the weather is not good.


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