Monté Médio
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  • A morning flight in calm conditions
  • Ideal for discovering the sensations of smooth paragliding flight


  • From 12 years old and 80 kg max
    Between 10 and 15 minutes of flight

The advantages

  • Photos and videos offered
  • Possible all year round

100€ / pers


Treat yourself to a paragliding baptism

Lake Annecy is renowned worldwide for being one of the most beautiful paragliding spots. So why not be tempted by a tandem flight?

Trust our paragliding pilots who offer you to fly all year round. If you want to make a discovery flight, not very long because you are a little apprehensive, this is the ideal flight. Lasting 10-15 minutes, the discovery flight allows you to enjoy the sensations offered by free flight in a paraglider for a long enough time.

You will meet on landing and meet your instructor. Together and in a shuttle, you will go to take off. During the trip, he will explain to you how a paraglider works, the different stages of the flight and especially what to do when taking off and landing. In flight, you will be comfortably seated in your harness.

Your instructor will have a small camera with which he will take beautiful photos and videos of you under the paraglider with the backdrop of Lake Annecy. He will copy them to an SD card that he will give you after the flight.

Nos autres formules pour faire du parapente à Annecy

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