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An ice axe in each hand, a pair of crampons on the feet, you are at the foot of the ice waterfall ready to fight with this element so cold but so captivating…

These ephemeral ice buildings offer climbers unique sensations and we offer to rub you in by showing you how to play with your ice tools on the ice cube!

A Monté Médio guide will teach you how to climb with these new ice axes, crampons and ice pins on a school waterfall or a longer waterfalls that can be climbed in several pitches. It is also possible to climb the artificial ice tower of Champagny en Vanoise. This ice structure is open all winter, it is a great support to learn or practice when the waterfalls are not formed…

We also suggest you try Dry Tooling, This activity consists of climbing a cliff with ice axes and crampons. Several Dry Tooling sites are now specially equipped for. No need for ice or extremely cold temperatures to climb with ice axes.

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    FAQ Ice climbing

    Where are the ice waterfall?

    The ice waterfalls are located where it is particularly cold all winter. Some waterfalls are in conditions all winter, some only during the coldest of the winter and others are formed only exceptionally… Our favorite sites for waterfall are the Chamonix Valley, the Val de Cogne in Italy. This is why we can not guarantee you can climb such a waterfall on a winter day, so we will choose a waterfall at your level depending on the conditions…

    What do we need?

    You must plan a gore tex mountaineering suit, a pair of warm gloves and a pair of thinner gloves to climb, a pair of cramponable mountain shoes, backpack, snowshoes are sometimes useful for access the foot of the waterfall. We will provide you crampons, ice axes, harness, helmet... If no waterfall is formed because it is too warm, we can go climb on the artificial ice tower of Champagny en Vanoise or try the Dry tooling.

    When can we go climb on the ice waterfall?

    The season to go climb on the ice waterfall is winter when it’s cold! But we can do dry tooling all year long …