Monté Médio
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  • Learn to climb a cliff
  • Technical learning
  • Security, belay, knot
  • Accessible to everyone from 5 years old


  • Accessible to beginners
  • Course duration: 3 hours
  • Supervision by a climbing instructor or mountain guide
  • Equipment included (harness, helmet, climbing shoes)

The advantages

  • Possible all year
  • Group discount from 6: -10%
  • Child rate - 12 years: -10%
  • Special Bachelor & Bachelorette party offer : free for the bride and groom from 8
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The best beginner climbing course

A climbing course to learn how to climb a cliff safely. Supervised by a climbing instructor at the Angon natural site just 30 minutes from Annecy.

Our instructors will teach you how to take your first steps on the rock on the cliff of Angon. About ten meters high, this cliff is ideal for starting climbing.

Supervised and well equipped, you can climb accessible routes and at the same time learn belaying techniques!

This course is aimed at children as well as adults! It is even possible to do it with the family…

Go to the cliff of Angon

Meet your climbing instructor at the cliff of Angon located 30 minutes from Annecy.

He will provide you with all your equipment: harness, climbing shoes and a helmet.

The course begins with the basic techniques for climbing safely: put on your harness, tie up with an eight knot and belay your teammate. Then under the watchful eye of your instructor, you can climb the different routes that offer several levels of difficulty.

As the course progresses, you will familiarize yourself with climbing on a natural site and feel new sensations ...


Climb and learn to insure

The first objective of a climbing course is to climb to the top of the cliff. You will go there little by little to gain confidence.

The most difficult is not to go up, but often to go down because when you start climbing it is not easy to find the right descent position and trust the equipment and the person who insures you.

The experience and the pedagogy of the instructor will quickly make you progress and the apprehension of the beginning will be quickly forgotten.

Little by little, you will be able to try more and more difficult routes by trying small exercises to work on the technique. The goal is to help yourself as much as possible with your feet and legs rather than your arms.

If you are progressing quickly, your instructor may even make you climb in the lead or try abseiling ...

Rock climbing around Annecy with Monté Médio

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