Monté Médio
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  • Initiation or improvement
  • Technical learning
  • Security, belay, knot


  • Accessible to beginners or already experienced people
  • Course duration: 2h, 3h or 4h for improvement
  • Supervision by a climbing instructor or mountain guide
  • Equipment included (harness, helmet, climbing shoes)

The advantages

  • Possible all year
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From 120€

Learn to climb with a climbing instructor

To take advantage of personalized advice from an instructor, take a private lesson on one of the Annecy cliffs.

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If you are just starting out or have just a little bit of experience, you will climb the cliff of Angon. You will go to another climbing site if you have a good experience and you climb in 6.

Go to the cliff of Angon for an initiation

Meet your climbing instructor at the cliff of Angon located 30 minutes from Annecy.

He will provide you with all your equipment: harness, climbing shoes and a helmet.

First, he will teach you how to put on the harness and how to adjust it. Then tie the knot in eight and belay. You will gradually go higher and higher to master the height and descend without being afraid.

To progress technically, it will make you do exercises to successfully use your feet and legs. Because when you start you tend to pull too much on your arms.

This course is particularly well suited to people who have learned to climb indoors and who want to climb a cliff.

If you have the time and you can do it well, you can lead climb to the top or abseil down!


Advanced courses

Find your climbing instructor on the cliff chosen according to your level and experience.

If you do not have your equipment, we will provide it to you (loan of equipment included in the price): harness, climbing shoes, helmet ...

Depending on your goal and your level of climbing, the instructor can set up a series of exercises that will allow you to progress.

Example: climbing in the lead, learning a manipulation, working on the technique, putting the feet up, no longer being afraid when you climb in the lead…

Rock climbing around Annecy with Monté Médio

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