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  • A beautiful and long ski touring outing in the Aravis coombs
  • Ski touring ascent to Trou de la Mouche
  • Ski descent through the Grand Crêt valley
  • Elevation: 1000 meters
  • Duration of the outing: approximately 6 hours



  • Accessible to already experienced ski touring skiers
  • Have a good physical condition and a good level in off-piste skiing
  • Supervised by a mountain guide or a ski instructor
  • Private engagement of 1 to 5 people


The advantages

    • We provide you with the safety equipment DVA, shovel and probe
    • You need your ski touring equipment (to rent from a store)
    • Initiation or improvement in techniques for searching for avalanche victims

    From 330€

    Ski de randonnée Trou de la Mouche

    The Trou de la Mouche by ski touring

    This geological curiosity which forms a hole in the limestone of the Aravis is one of the most mythical outings of the masif. The Trou de la Mouche requires good physical condition and a good level of skiing because of the drop of 1000 meters and the final slope at 35 degrees.

    How does a ski touring trip to Trou de la Mouche take place?

    If you haven't yet skied in the Aravis valleys, you will have to start with the Trou de la Mouche. The route starts from the Confins and goes up the valley of Grand Crêt, taking in its last part a beautiful slope that will have to be mastered both on the ascent and the descent.


    We start quietly

    Before meeting your instructor, collect your ski touring equipment from a rental company (rental at your expense), we will provide you with safety equipment (DVA, shovel and probe). Once you have met your guide at Les Confins, he will help you equip yourself with the transceiver and put your sealskins under your skis. He will also show you how to switch your touring ski boots and bindings to ascent and descent mode.

    You will then be able to follow it on the trail of ascent which takes the valley of Grand Crêt towards the Trou de la Mouche… The ascent starts slowly to become more and more technical. Gradually you will have to carry out more and more conversions, and depending on the conditions to put knives or skis on the bag to tame the last slope which arrives at Trou de la Mouche.

    Ski de randonnée Trou de la Mouche
    Ski de randonnée Trou de la Mouche

    Here we go for the descent

    When you arrive at the Trou de la Mouche, you can enjoy the view and go into picnic mode.

    After regaining your strength, you will have to do the trick: remove and store the climb skins, put the bindings and shoes in downhill mode. The first turns will be the most difficult to enter as the slope is steep at the start. Then you will gain confidence and then appreciate the more playful and hilly terrain of the valley.

    If you still have the time and energy, your instructor will be happy to introduce you to or improve you in avalanche victim search techniques. To begin with, he will show you how to find a victim caught in an avalanche with the trio of DVA, shovel and probe. Then he'll hide a bag with a transceiver inside in the snow. You will have to find him as quickly as possible.

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