Monté Médio
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  • A canyon with an incredible atmosphere
  • Abseiling
  • Slides and jumps
  • Aquatic and playful


  • Accessible to beginners
  • Duration of the descent: 1 hour 30
  • From 12 years old when conditions permit
  • Otherwise for adults or teenagers from 16 years old
  • Consult us to find out more
  • Collective group outing of 8 to 10 people maximum depending on the conditions as well
  • Equipment included (wetsuit, neoprene socks, helmet, harness)

The advantages

  • Tarif groupe à partir de 6 : -10%
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Canyoning Annecy Pont du Diable (2)

An incredible canyoning course

The Pont du Diable canyon is located in the Bauges, 30 minutes from Annecy.

The water has formed a magnificent canyon in the limestone rock where you can even be a beginner, fill up with sensations. Several tens of meters high, this canyon offers a very aquatic atmosphere with its share of abseiling descents, jumps and slides.

Find out more about the Pont du Diable canyon…

The Pont du Diable (Devil's Bridge) condenses in an hour and a half beautiful portions of swimming that you will not find anywhere else, a few abseiling descents but also beautiful jumps and slides.

Added to this is a superb atmosphere created by the beauty of the site…

The program :

You will meet your instructor at the start of the canyon. After getting to know each other, he will equip you with the panoply of the perfect canyoner: a wetsuit because the water is fresh, a harness very useful for abseiling or for moving on handrails and a helmet.

The descent starts quietly with a relatively easy first section comprising walking and a few small slides... We then get to the heart of the matter by abseiling which marks the entrance to the canyon.

The walls that form the canyon then rise around the watercourse and the collection becomes narrower. The obstacles that can be overcome in jumps and slides are numerous and follow one another with long parts of swimming and a few short abseilings.

The conditions can be more or less sporty, depending on the flow. Contact us for more information.

The Devil's Bridge is accessible from 12 years old when conditions allow it, if the conditions are more sporty it is reserved for adults or teenagers from 16 years old, contact us for more information. Of course, you have to know how to swim because it is a very aquatic canyon.

Canyoning Annecy Pont du Diable (3)

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