Monté Médio
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  • Hiking
  • Climbing on via ferrata
  • A dizzying monkey bridge
  • Great views of the lake and the mountain
  • A course of ziplines to end in style


  • Accessible to beginners
  • Duration of the route: around 3 hours and a half
  • From 12 years old, not afraid of heights
  • Minimum weight : 40kg
  • Max weight : 120kg
  • Supervised by a mountain guide or climbing instructor
  • Collective outing (group of 10 people maximum)
  • Equipment included (harness with via ferrata kit, pulley, helmet)

The advantages

  • Via ferrata and unique and private zip lines
  • For a fun and accessible mountain outing
  • Group discount from 6: -10%
  • Special Bachelor & Bachelorette party offer : free for the bride and groom from 8
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A playful via ferrata course

The Via-Tyro Annecy is a private route with here and there, beautiful views to breathe and admire.

A 3 and a half hour tour, alternating hiking, via ferrata, monkey bridge and several zip lines all equipped by guides Monté Médio and reserved for you to progress at your own pace.

Departure from the Forclaz pass above Lake Annecy.

How is an outing on the Via Tyro?

Meet your guide at the Pré Vérel refuge, on the road to the Col de l'Aulp (45 minutes from Annecy).

At the refuge, he equips you with via ferrata equipment: a harness equipped with via ferrata lanyards and a pulley and a helmet.

We start quietly

You first have to walk a little to reach the foot of the cliff. Along the way, you will take a zip line!

Your guide will brief you on safety instructions and progression techniques in via ferrata, then you will follow him.

The course continue with a warm-up alternating paths suspended above the cliffs and short fairly easy climbing passages. Which is perfect for warming up before arriving in a beautiful cave.

To pass the cave you will have to climb inside and exit through a hole ... When leaving the cave you will have to climb an overhang, where you will have to force with your arms! If this is too hard for you, you can bypass this passage. But don't be afraid to give it a try, the guide can always give you a hand to get over the overhang.


Things get serious

A little further, you will have to breathe deeply before putting your feet and your hands on the monkey bridge: two cables stretched between the cliffs at fifty meters high…

The via ferrata continues with a last part of climbing before arriving at a beautiful point of view on the surrounding mountains. Then comes the zip line! Attach the pulley to the cable and let it slide ...

A beautiful forest path then takes you to the viewpoint over the lake. A short break is needed to enjoy the scenery and then we descend.

You will then descend by a path using two zip lines.

The route lasts approximately 3 and a half hours during which your guide stays by your side to help and guide you. If you never have the courage to go through one of the dizzying workshops, the guide can get you around it by taking a path so that you can continue the route with the rest of the group ...

Our via ferrata around Annecy

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