Monté Médio
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  • A short approach walk
  • A monkey bridge
  • Very big wall
  • Beautiful overhangs, including a huge one at the end
  • A few ledges to rest
  • Quite long descent


  • Reserved for sports people
  • Duration of the trip: around 4 hours
  • Supervision by a climbing instructor or mountain guide
  • Equipment included (harness, via ferrata lanyards, helmet, gloves)

The advantages

  • Possible all year long exempt when it's snowy
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A sporty via ferrata

The Thônes via ferrata is a course renowned for its difficulty. It has a few overhanging passages and is quite long.

It is therefore reserved for already experienced people who have already done via ferrata or climbing. Besides being physical, it is quite impressive.

Want to know more about the Via Ferrata de Thônes?

Do you have good physical condition and experience in via ferrata or climbing?

So get started with a professional in the Thônes via ferrata!

Departure from the small town of Thônes

You will find your instructor at the via ferrata car park in the center of Thônes. The wall overlooks the city.

You will put on your harness and helmet and follow the guide on the path that leads to the start of the via.

The approach walk is quite short, less than 10 minutes ...

The guide will explain the evolution and belaying techniques to climb safely and without forcing too much.

In addition to the via ferrata lanyards, you will be roped up to be more secure. It will also allow the guide to pull you up if you can't get past.

The start of the Thônes via ferrata to the monkey bridge is very easy. The cliff is not very steep and there are lots of bars. After, you will have to cross a short monkey bridge. You will then have your feet on a cable and another to keep you at hand level.


Let's go for the hard way

After this monkey bridge, which sets the mood, we find ourselves on a much steeper cliff !

You will have to be efficient and climb quickly in the steepest portions. Other sections of the via ferrata are quieter and allow you to breathe. There are a few ledges where you can stop at to gain strength. Your arms will be put to the test!

On the last part of the Thônes via ferrata, you will reach the level of the ladder and the large overhang. You will have the choice between going through a large overhang equipped with bars or a ladder that you climb facing the void! Up to you…

Then there remains the final portion, this one is less equipped, you have to climb using the rock. There is always the lifeline but much fewer bars.

The arrival at the top of the via ferrata offers a beautiful view of the peaks of the surrounding mountains! We take this opportunity to breathe and admire the landscape before starting the descent. This is somewhat technical, you must continue to secure yourself with the lanyards and concentrate until the path that leads back to the starting point.

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